Ethical and Unbiased

Comprehensive and Confidential

​​  We provide Accredited ​USPAP Compliant Fine Art Appraisals in the San Francisco Bay Area  

We provide the following types of appraisals, all of which are completely confidential.

  • Insurance coverage
  • Damage & Loss
  • Estate
  • Donation
  • Equitable Distribution
  • Collection Management

Aitchison Fine Art Appraisals, LLC provides Accredited, qualified appraisals for fine and decorative art collections in the San Francisco Bay Area. All appraisal reports are fully USPAP compliant legal documents prepared by an Accredited Appraiser.

Experience You Can Trust

To provide an unbiased opinion of value, Aitchison Fine Art Appraisals, LLC will not engage in any brokering of artwork appraised. All appraisals consist of a thorough onsite inspection and extensive market research with objective analysis culminating in an ethical and confidential report that annotates and supports its valuation conclusion.